Dallas Bed bug Control

Dallas Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs depend on human or animal blood to survive. Bed bugs don't care whether a home is clean or dirty and these tiny insects will make their home in furnishings, bedding, mattresses, and beds, making getting a good night's sleep difficult for anyone experiencing an infestation. They feed as people sleep and as a result, you may not always find it easy to tell that you have a bed bug infestation.

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How do I tell if I have a bed bug infestation?

Contrary to what you may believe, you don't necessarily have to be suffering from frequent itching or scratching to know that you have bed bugs in your home, although suffering from these bites is definitely one indicator. There are many other signs that may go unnoticed until the bed bugs have caused a large-scale infestation.

Common signs you may have a bed bug infestation:

If you are seeing brown or red dots on sheets and mattresses, that might be a sign of bed bugs. Other signs consist of itchy, red bits on the skin, usually found in groups of three as well as musty odors from the point of infestation. Beg bugs will also shed their exoskeletons which will typically be found in the bed. Where ever these signs are, if you're noticing even one of them it's time to call a licensed, bed bug control professional to effectively remove all bed bugs from your home or business. 

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Remember, there is not much that you can do on your own to remove a bed bug infestation. These bugs multiply rapidly. A single female bedbug can lay as many as 500 eggs in her lifetime. A typical bed bug can actually live for more than 300 days. Within no time at all, you could be looking at a major infestation that spreads throughout your home.

For help dealing with a troublesome bed bug infestation, call a Prize Pest Control pest control professional today. Our Dallas bed bug control specialists do an excellent job of eliminating bed bugs, roaches, rodents and all kinds of other pests, from homes, residences and commercial buildings across the city area. We don't rest until we are certain that your pest problem in your home or business has been taken care of. We will also leave you with a pest control program that will help you reduce the risk of any future bed bug infestations.